We are looking for candidates who are talented, ambitious, have a good work ethic, and have a positive attitude. In return, you will receive hands-on training at the firm and have the advantage of a professional work environment that will enable you to fulfil your potential. We understand that our continued growth depends on the quality of our human capital and accordingly seek to recruit, train and retain the best young professionals.

Learning-by-doing and learning-by-listening involve candidates in the finer aspects of a legal practice and through skills transfer and performance review sessions, candidates have the opportunity to learn and advance within the firm.

The firm annually recruits candidate attorneys from across South Africa for appointment at the firm. Applications are open all year, although interested candidates are encouraged to apply earlier rather than later to avoid positions being filled prior to their application.

If you are interested in applying for a position at our firm, you can submit your application online via the Apply Now ribbon for candidate attorneys, or you can send your curriculum vitae and academic results to nadia@breytlaw.co.za

Candidate requirements

Completed LLB

Must have driver's license

Fluent in English & Afrikaans

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